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Motorvoertuig voorbuffervorm

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Detail beskrywing:

Automobile front and rear bumpers are a kind of automobile accessories, and automobile front and rear bumpers generally have bending parts. In the production process, automobile front and rear bumpers are generally processed by injection molds. The existing injection molding molds are used when processing bumpers. The main disadvantages are as follows: 1. Existing processing molds generally feed in the bending part at one end and exhaust at the other end. This processing method has slow injection efficiency and uneven injection; 2. Inside the processing mold The injection channel cannot be heated, which will easily cause the plastic melt in the injection channel to condense before it reaches the cavity. The injection channel is prone to blockage and injection cannot be completed; 3. It is easy to mold with the above-mentioned one-end bending part feeding structure As a result, the gas in the cavity cannot be discharged in time, resulting in pores in the processed bumper, and even local scorching, flow marks, lack of material, and suction in the bumper under high temperature and high pressure gas, resulting in defects such as deformation of the workpiece , The use effect is poor.

Mold name: Automotive front bumper mould, car front bumper mold wholesale

Beskrywing van die produk:

1. Produk Materiaal: PP

2. Grootte: hang af van voorbeeld / 3D-ontwerp
3. Beskikbaar vir pasgemaak



S50C, P20.H13,718H, S136,2738,2344, ens



Mould Base

Standard Mold Base, LKM,etc

Mould Runner

 Warm hardloper



Ontwerp sagteware:

CAD, UG, PROE, Soliworks


CNC, EDM, Drill machine, Graving,Wire cutting


Depend on mould size, from  1800t-3000t


Direct gate, Side gate,  etc.


Uitwerppen, uitwerpblok, 


Verskillende staal met verskillende vormlewe


Chinese standaard, HACO, DME, ens




Verpakking en aflewering:

Verpakking Details:

Plastiek film verseël en PLY houtkas


Ningbo Port, China

Delivery Tyd:

85 ~ 100 dae na ontvangs van die betaling. (hang af van vorm)


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