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Professional Injection Mold Manufacturer

The real material, High quality, One-stop service!
OEM & ODM available, fast delivery time!

পেশাদারীon injection mold options

MINGYU MOLD is experienced on Automotive mold, Home appliance mold, Electronic parts mold, Packing mold and Precision Mold. We make about 200 sets injection mold every year, and 60% is for exporting. We made the automotive parts mold for Auto company TOYOTA, CITROEN, Chery, Geely, etc. and we also made many plastic molds for home appliance parts for Haier, Hisense.


Concentraitionon injection mold making

  • Offer one-stop service, OEM, ODM, Customization service.

  • Free product design & mold design 2D/3D

  • Offer Mold Flow Analyze, Rapid prototype make

  • Provide mold manufacture information update every week.

  • Advance processing equipment, the tolerance can reach±0.01mm।

  • Free sample delivery, standard 2 times mold try test with the specified plastic material.

  • Standard exporting wooden box packing for shipment.

  • Low-volume production is also available

  • Specialize in large and complex injection mold making

  • স্বল্প বিতরণ সময়


সত্on injection mold business

  • More than 20 years’ experience on injection mold business and have build good and long-term cooperation relationship with our suppliers and customers.

  • Insist on using the real mold steel with certificate and good brand hot runner system

  • Win good reputation both in local market and foreign markets.