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Automotive dashboard mold

Time: 2020-03-16 Hits: 63

Project name: Automotive dashboard mold, car dashboard mold, automotive dashboard mold, Auto instrument desk mold

1. Below are the product drawings.

front side

Auto dashboard

back side

Auto dashboard-2

2. runner system

Auto dashboard mold

3.mold cavity

Auto dashboard mold-2

4. mold core

Auto dashboard mold-3

5. sliders

Auto dashboard mold-4

6.angle eject pin

Auto dashboard mold-5

7. eject pins, eject blocks

Auto dashboard mold-6

8. water channels of cavity side

Auto dashboard mold-7

9. water channels of core side

Auto dashboard mold-8

10. cavity side half mold

Auto dashboard mold-9

11. core side half mold

Auto dashboard mold-10

12. complete mold drawing

Auto dashboard mold-11

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