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Automotive door panel mold

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Mold name: Automotive door panel mold, car door panel mold, auto door trim mold, car injection mold wholesale


The lower body of the car door panel is an important part of the car interior parts. It is located on the inner side of the car door. There are front, rear, left, and right points. It varies according to the car system, usually two doors and four doors. These parts are collectively called door panel series. The door panels are divided into front, rear, left, and right, but the shape and structure of the front and rear door panels are different in different car designs. The conventional door panels are integrated door panels, and there are also split door panels.

The lower body of the car door panel is made of PP+EPDM, and the shrinkage rate is generally 1.012. EPDM can improve the elasticity of the door panel, and the number of mold cavities is 1+1. The outer surface has dermatoglyphs, and the plastic parts are exterior parts with high surface requirements.

Product description:

1. Product Material: PP+EPDM

2. Size: Depend on Sample/3D Design
3. Available for Customized


Mould   Steel


Steel   Hardness


Mould   Base

Standard Mold Base, LKM

Mould   Runner

Hot runner (gate valve type,sequence control)

Mould   Cavity


Design   Software:

CAD, UG, PROE, Soliworks

Processing   Equipment:

CNC, EDM, Drill machine, Wire cutting

Testing   Machine

Depend on mould size, from 300T -1000T


Direct gate, Side gate, Submerged gate,   etc.


Ejector pin, eject block,

Mould   Lifetime

Different steel with different mold   lifetime


Chinese Standard, HACO, DME, etc




Packing and Delivery:

Packaging Details:

Plastic film sealed and PLY wooden box

Shipping Port:

Ningbo Port, China

Delivery Time:

60~90 days after receiving the payment. (depends on mould)


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