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Car front bumper mold

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Project Name: Car front bumper mold, Automotive front bumper injection mould,plastic car bumper mold

Mingyu Mold is experienced on kinds of Automotive mold,such as car front bumper mold, Auto door panel mold, Car instrument console mold, Car mud defender mold, Automobile lamp mold,etc.

1.Below is the product drawing.

car front bumper

car front bumper-1

2. Feeding system ,

    total 4 tips hot runner.  1 tip direct spure hot runner,  3 others are big sprue hot runner feeding.

car front bumper-2

3. mold cavity

car front bumper mold-1

4. mold core

car front bumper mold-2

5.  Sliders on cavity side

car front bumper mold-3

car front bumper mold-4

6. sliders on mold core side.

car front bumper mold-5

car front bumper mold-6

7. Ejecting structure

car front bumper mold-7

8. Mold cavity halft mold

car front bumper mold-8

9. Mold core half

car front bumper mold-9

10. complete mold

car front bumper mold-10

welcome to contact with us for any car bumper mold inquiry. 

Our Service


l  Our professional series includes product analysis, mold design, mold making, low volume and mass production

l  The injection molding machine used for mold trial testing ranges from 120ton to 2000ton

l  If customer need, we can also provide the fixture and jig for stabilizing some easy deformed parts and final product checking.

l  As per customer’s need, we can also provide chrome plated, painting, ultra-sonic welding, assembly, packing/ printing service.

l  As per customer’s need, we can also accept pilot run, low volume and mass production



What customer should prepare for mold inquiry:

1.       Clear photos of samples and exact dimension, weight

2.       Product drawings in 2D (.dwg) or 3D (.stp,.igs) will be better

3.       Advise product material (ex. which plastic, any addition?)

4.       Cavity number required

5.       What tonnage of injection molding machine will run this mold

6.       mold steel if have require

7.       hot runner, cold runner,

8.       final surface required

9.       inspection requirement of the final product

10.    other related requirement