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fruit crate mold and injection molding machine

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Fruit crate is also named plastic crate for fruit, plastic turnover box, which is mainly for the storage and carrying of kinds of fruit.

fruit crates

MINGYU mold company has much experience on design and making this kind of commodity mold. there are different design structure, processing standard in order to meet different customer's requirement. 

the generally structure is : one cavity, cold runner, #45 steel for mold base, P20 for cavity inserts, 718 steel for sliders. demolding can be automatically by ejecting plate or pulling rods.

Below are two fruit crate mold ready and shipped to our customer in Africa recently.

fruit crate mold (1)

fruit crate mold (2)

MINGYU is also ready to offer customer the turn-key solution/one-station service for the production of fruit crates for customers, including the fruit crate mold, injection molding machine and accessories for the injection molding production line. welcome to contact with us for inquiry.

fruit cate injection molding machine