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Injection molding of plastic bucket

Time: 2022-03-21 Hits: 28

Plastic buckets are widely used in people's lives, such as 1L-5L small buckets for cheese and butter. Such as large 15L 18L 20L paint buckets, and so on. then how are the plastic buckets made?

paint bucket

The main production method is injection molding. This requires the use of special plastic injection molding machines and injection molds.

Of course, buckets of different sizes and capacities require different injection machines and molds.

For example, a 1L 2L small bcuekt can use a 200-250t injection molding machine. 5L-8L buckets are more suggested making by 330-350ton injection molding machines. and advise 470ton machine or above for making 15L-20L plastic buckets body.

Below are some photos of the 18L plastic bucket mold which we made recently. its mold can be run by 470t injection molding machine.

paint bucket mold offer

paint bucket mold

paint bucket lid mold

injection molding machine for making paint bucket

if you are going to set a plastic factory or workshop for producing the plastic buckets/paint buckets, please feel free to contact with us, we would like to offer you a turn-key solution of the equipments.