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Round food container Mould (thin wall)

Time: 2019-11-08 Hits: 493

Project name: Round food packing container mould,thin wall round container mould,plastic food packing box mold


Recently, we Mingyu Mould company made a round food packing container mold for a customer from Dubai. It is a thin wall mold,wall thickness is only 0.38mm. it need to be run by high speed injection molding machine.

 round food container -2

Basic part information:

  •  Part name: Round food containe

  • Part materialPP (high MFI,food grade)

  •  Part sizeTop dia.123mm,bottom dia.85mm, height 74mm, wall thickness 0.38mm. 

  • Part color transparent or black

  • Volume: 500ml


Basic mold information:

·       Mold base steel: P20

·       Mold cavity & core steel 2344

·       Mold cavity number: 4 cavities

·       Mold gate type: 1 pin point hot runner for each cavity


After receiving the sample from customer, we know it is a thin wall product,the wall thickness is only 0.38mm after measured, which is much different to normal storage box mold. it has a higher requirement of the mold steel, processing precision,hot runner system,cooling system, etc. 

For the mold steel, we used 2344 steel after heat treatment for mold core & cavity, and use high speed carving machine to process it. 

For the hot runner system, we used a good and stable chinese brand pin point hot runner for each cavity. of course, YUDO hot runner is also optional.

For the ejecting way, we used the air ejection system, there will be air pins on the cavity side, core side. For running this 4 cavities 500ml round container mold, 250ton high speed injection molding machine is needed. the mold can run automatically with the air ejection system.  Of course, usually, most customer used the robot to pick up the final product and put on a belt conveyor, which is more automatically,safe, and clean. 


Below is the 3D drawing of the final approved product.



Mingyu mold did the mold design and send to customer for checking and confirming. the final 3D mold drawings is as below:

round food container mold drawing-1 round food container mold drawing-2 round food container mold drawing-3 

Below is pictures of  the final finished mold, mold packing.

round food container mold

  round food container mold-2