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Firstly, MINGYU MOLD company is a professional injection mold manufacturer in China. With more than 25 years experience on Automobile mold , home appliance mold, packing mold, electrical parts mold and precision mold ,etc.

Based on the experience on the plastic injection molding, MINGYU is able to offer the one-stop service, kinds of plastic injection molding machine, mold, automation robot, auxiliary machines, etc.  If you are just new in this business and want to set a new plastic molding factory, MINGYU will be your ideal choose.

Customer's satisfication and trust is the motivation of our continous efforts.

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Plastic Injection Mould Design & Manufacture

Your mold project is very important to us, and our detailed process and sincere service ensures that we can deliver the best finished mold in a quick timeline and at the right price. It is not only a single mold project, but also the beginning of our beautiful relationship.

Our Mold Service

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Moulage par injection plastique machine

MINGYU is able to supply the plastic injection molding machine together with the mold. For example, servo motor injection molding machine 100ton ~3000ton, high speed injection molding machine for the thin-wall packing mold.

By this way, MINGYU can help customers start the business easily and smoothly.


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  • The relationship between injection mold cavity size and plastic shrinkage

    Thermoplastics are characterized by expansion after heating and contraction after cooling. Of course, the volume will shrink after pressurization. In the injection molding process, the molten plastic is first injected into the mold cavity. After the filling is completed, the molten material cools and solidifies. When the plastic part is taken out of the mold, shrinkage occurs. This shrinkage is called forming shrinkage. During the period from when the mold is taken out to stabilize the plastic part, there will still be slight changes in size. One change is to continue to shrink. This shrinkage is called post-shrinkage.

  • The principle and composition of molds in injection molding

    Injection molds are parts that give plastic shapes and dimensions during molding. Although the structure of the mold may vary widely due to the variety and performance of plastics, the shape and structure of plastic products, and the type of injection machine, the basic structure is the same. The injection mold is mainly composed of three parts: the gating system, the molded parts and the structural parts. Among them, the pouring system and molded parts are the parts that are in direct contact with the plastic and change with the plastic and the product. They are the most complex and the most variable parts in the plastic mold, requiring the highest processing finish and precision.

  • Some requirements for standardized injection mold making

    In order to improve the quality of plastic molds, minimize mold quality complaints, and meet customer needs when producing molds, we summarize and summarize common problems in mold manufacturing, establish standards, and implement them as required. According to our production experience, we summarize the production of standard molds into the following 30 points: 1. For mold blanks smaller than 2020, a prying pit is required between the a and b plates; for mold blanks larger than 2020, all templates including thimble plates must be prying pits; 2. Exhaust grooves should be machined on the guide post and guide sleeve of the mold blank to prevent the guide post and guide sleeve from straining; 3. There should be no sharp corners on the mold, and chamfering is required. Except for specially specified places; 4. The inner mold and mold parts must not be welded without consent; 5. Exhaust grooves must be opened at the appropriate position on the periphery of the mold product. For the specifications of the exhaust grooves, please refer to the mold design manual;


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  • How long it will take to do delivery?
    Depends on the delivery way, delivery could be made by air transportation, sea shipment, it takes 1 week by air transportation,and 20-30 days by sea.
  • Who is responsible for the mold delivery?
    Base on the negotiation during the quotation, many delivery term conditions are available, FOB, CIF, CFR,etc.
  • Who is responsible for the sample delivery cost?
    Sample delivery generally is responsible by the injection mold manufacturer; this cost would drive the plastic mold maker try to make the injection mold project success as quickly as possible.
  • What will be provided along with samples?
    For better eva1uation on the mold condition, along with the samples, the gate/runner, injection molding parameter report, molded part dimension report should be provided.
  • Who is responsible for the mold test plastic resin?
    Material that is easy to get at local should be prepared by the injection mold supplier, some of the special resin that can not be purchased in China should be provided by the buyers.
  • How to ensure the genuine steel used?
    Generally,the steel used by Chinese mold suppliers usually are purchased from LKM, LKM is the biggest mold base/mold steel supplier in Asia, steel and heat treatment certificates are available.