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Tan: 2019 12--08 Frape: 736

Maintenance purpose:

In order to ensure the normal production of the mold, reduce failures and quality problems, and at the same time extend the service life of the mold.

Maintain the mold can be separated to: before, during and after the production.


Maintenance items and precautions are as below:

Mold maintenance before production:

  • Scrub the dust, oil and rust of the mold, and remove the dirt on the surface before putting the mold inside the injection molding machine.

  • Use air gun or rag, detergent or alcohol (alcohol for mirror mold) to clean the oil on the mold surface.

  • Check the mold's cooling channel to ensure smooth water passage.

  • Check whether the arc on the mold gate sleeve is damaged, and whether there are any remaining foreign matter. If necessary, clean it up.

  • Moving parts: such as thimbles, springs, hydraulic cylinders, sliders. check whether there is rust, bending, or fracture, and make sure the movement must be smooth.

Maintenance of mold during production:

  • The molds produced on the machine are inspected and maintained daily.

  • Check the mold's guide posts, guide sleeves, and sliders for damage and foreign matter on them, and refuel them once a day.

  • Clean the mold parting surface and the foreign matter in the exhaust groove, oil stains, and wipe it with air gun or rag, detergent or alcohol once a day.

Maintenance of mold after production:

  • Inspect each part of the mold to see if there is any damage.

  • Clean the greasy dirt on the parting surface and the debris in the mold cavity, and spray with anti-rust agent.

  • Blow off the water remaining in the cooling water channel.


  • Always wear labor protection supplies when maintaining the mold. Heavy objects must be operated with a crane. It is strictly forbidden to lift the mold directly by hand to prevent injury to the limb.

  • The rust prevention of the mold is necessary. After the mold is maintained, special attention should be paid to the rust prevention action of the mold. The remaining water in the water channel must be dried with an air gun.

  • Too much lubricating oil does not bring better lubricating effect, just the right amount.

  • When the mold is installed and maintained, pay attention to the numbers and directions of the inserts and other components. Do not install them incorrectly. Check whether the screws are completely used up and tighten them diagonally when installing the screws.