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Idő: 2022-06 07- Találat: 57

Knives, forks, and spoons are roughly classified into three categories from the perspective of use: aviation knives, forks, and spoons, household knives, forks, and military knives, forks, and spoons. 

From the appearance of the product, it can be divided into ordinary cutlery spoons and folding cutlery spoons. For different occasions, different products are equipped with different knives, forks and spoons. For example, the plastic knives, forks and spoons used in restaurants are all ordinary knives, forks and spoons. 

plastic cutlery

The knives, forks and spoons used on some foods are generally folded, and they do not take up space. , convenient packaging. The processing technology of different knife, fork and spoon molds is also different.

A kés, a villa és a kanál műanyaga általában PP és PS. Különböző műanyagok, a forma acél anyagának kiválasztása is eltérő. A kés, villa és kanál forma acélanyagát általában a P20, 718H, H13, S136, 2344, 2316, oltóanyag és egyéb acélanyagok közül választják ki. 

Because the knife, fork and spoon products belong to fast-moving consumer goods, so Molds are generally opened into multi-cavity, and the shape of the mold is designed to be square or circular. The gate method of point gate is adopted. The hot runner adopts the full hot runner or the semi-hot runner.

 If the mold is designed to be square, then the semi-hot runner can be used, and the mold is made into the insert type. The processing technology of knife, fork and spoon mold includes high-speed fine carving and high-speed milling. Ordinary knife, fork and spoon molds are generally two-lobed molds, while folded knife, fork and spoon molds have additional sliders on the basis of two-lobed molds. Therefore, the folding knife, fork and spoon mold is more difficult than the ordinary knife, fork and spoon mold.

MINGYU MOLD are not only very professional in making knife, fork and spoon molds, but also very skilled in high-precision molds such as ultra-thin box molds and medical molds.

Below are some photos of the plastic spoon mold for reference. 

műanyag kanál

spoon mold (1)

kanál penész

Generally, for production of the plastic spoon, knife, fork,etc cultery, standard 250ton-320ton injection molding machines are enough.

250ton spoon injection molding machine

we MINGYU is also able to offer customer the full automatic production line including the servo motor injection molding machine, auto loader, chiller, granulator, etc. 

of course, if customer want higher production output , high speed injection machine is also available and can be chosed.

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