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Wire distribution box mold

시간 : 2019-11-08 조회수 : 97

Project name: wire distribution box, electrical wire switch box, plastic box for wire distribution


This injection mold making project is about an plastic mold for making wire distribution box for a customer from Israel.

This injection mold project include 3 sets molds. box mold, lid mold,and fixing nut mold. 

 wire switch box picture -1 wire switch box picture -2

Basic part information (box) :

·       Part name: wire distribution box

·       부품 소재:PC

·       부품 크기:270 190 * * 120mm

·       Part color:white


Basic mold information (box):

·       Mold base steel: C50

·       Mold cavity & core steel: H13

·       Mold cavity number: 1 cavity

·       Mold gate type: cold runner


Before making the mold, Mingyu mold will check the detail product information with customer, such as plastic material, final surface requirement, assembly dimension,etc.

We will also do the product analysis,mold flow analysis, and vertify the important information with customers,such as, parting line, de-molding angle,gate type,ejecting way,etc.

Below is the 3D drawing of the box after approving with customer.

wire switch box picture -3


Below is the photos of the final injection molds.

 wire switch box mold -1

wire switch box mold -2