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Kaffi Kapsel Coupe Schimmel

Zäit: 2022-05-12 Hits: 61

Coffee capsule is used for making coffe by coffe machine.

The advantage of coffee capsules is that because the capsule wall texture is relatively hard, it can maintain the prototype well at high temperature, so high-pressure water vapor can be injected into the capsule, so that the coffee can be completely precipitated under the action of pressure. Strong espresso, which can better ensure the aroma of the coffee

When making this kind of capsule, the coffee beans are specially processed into coffee powder and then sealed in an aluminum foil space similar to "fruit jelly". At the same time, the capsule is filled with non-toxic inert gas to prolong the shelf life and sterilize again. When you need to brew coffee, put the coffee capsule into the special capsule coffee machine and press the brewing button, no other operations are required.

Recently, MINGYU MOLD has made an injection mold for one of customers for making the coffee capsule cup.

Below are photos of the coffee capsule cup mould.

Coffee capsule cup mold (1)

Coffee capsule cup mold (2)