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Patch board mold

Mingyu Mould is experienced on making kinds of patch board mould, patch panel mould. we made many patch board mold for Bull, Fayei,etc.

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Name: patch board mold, patch panel mold, injection mould for patch board

Quick Detailer

Ursprénglech Plaz: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Mingyu Mold

Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould

Product Material: Plastic (PP,ABS,etc)

Color: white or customized


Packaging Detailer

Fumigation/ fumigation-free wooden box


60-70 Deeg



Firwat eis wielen?

We are professional and experienced in plastic injection mold make and manufacturing solutions. We are not only a mold supplier, but also a technology provider for optimizing quality, cost and product performance.

—We can provide you the best price. We have a strong network of manufacturer and material provider. For every product, we will choose the appropriate suppliers to meet the customer’s expectation at the lowest cost.

—Great communication. We are influent in English; we communicate with customers in business and technical issues efficiently.

—Quality ensured. We will pre-define quality requirements before the work get started. Qualified QC personnel will be on site checking quality during the manufacturing processes and before shipment.

—Warranty provided: if there are quality issues, we send replacement to the customer at the first time.



Mingyu Mould is experienced on Auto mold, home appliance mold, electronic parts mold, patch board/ panel mould, and precision mold,etc.

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