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Bixiyaha Adeegga Hal joogsiga ah ee Duritaan Caag ah


  • what kind of mould is Mingyu Mould specialized in ?

    Mingyu Mould is specialized in plastic injection mould,especially on Auto parts mould, home appliance mould, packing mould,electronic part mould and kinds of precision mould.

  • How many mould can you make every year?

    We make more than 100 sets injection mould every year, both for local market and foreign markets.

    We have exported to many foreign countries, such as, Mexico,Colombia,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Russia,Israel,Dubai,Poland,Serbia,South of Africa,etc.

  • What's the payment iterm?

    50% advance payment by T/T, 50% balance by T/T or L/C before shipment.

  • what's the delivery time of the mould?

    Generally,1st mould testing date is 40~60 days after receiving the advance payment and confirming the drawings.(different mould may be little different). then we will send the trial samples for customers' checking and confirming. if all are ok, we will do the final treatment and pack the mold to make them ready for shipment.

  • what information needed for mould inquiry?

    detail photos of the product with the dimension and weight info are needed for the mould inquiry. of course, if you have the 3D drawings of the product,it will be much better.

  • What is the mold size designed?

    Adequate mold base size provides the necessary strength and stability of injection molding performance, try to lower down the injection mold price by inadequate mold size endanger mold quality.

  • What is the mold steel used?

    There are various mold steels out there, their performance has very many differences, the difference also reflected in unit price. P20 pre-harden steel only cost 20RMB/kg,meanwhile harden steel 1.2343 up to 80RMB/kg from LKM.

    We will respect the customer's demand of the steel used, of course, we will suggest according to different product.

  • How many shorts are the molding cycle guaranteed?

    Ensure that you get a commitment to guarantee that the injection mold can full fill your production demands.

  • What is the accessory standard?

    The designed mold and accessory should apply to the standard where the mold run injection molding to ease the mold maintenance. Optional standard for Europe is HASCO, North America is DME.

  • How long it will take to do mold design?

    Depends on the complexity of the part/mold structure, it will normally take 2-3 days for 2D layout,3-5 days for 3D detailed design. 

  • Does the mold design cost included in the offer?

    The design data is supposed to be provided and authorized by the buyer, no extra charge for design or design modification.

  • How to do mold making management?

    As the buyer is far way from where the Chinese mold factory locate, a tight and well planned schedule are supposed be submitted and a weekly tracking report graphically provided by the injection mold maker.

  • what's difference between steel NAK80 and S136

    • NAK80 is a pre-hardened mirror polished plastic mold steel. S136 is an air type stainless steel without hardness, which is a mirror polished plastic mold steel with anti-corrosion and anti-rust function.

    • NAK80 is a pre-hardened steel with EX-factory hardness HRC38-41. The harness of S136 can be HRC48-52 after heat treatment.

    • NAK80 mirror polishing can reach 10000-12000 mesh. high quality S136 can reach 12000-18000 mesh after heat treatment.

    • Occasions: NAK80 is mainly used for plastic products with mirror-polished appearance parts, and does not require anti-rust. S136 can be used for high mirror polished plastic products, such as: optical mirror plastic products, and plastic molds requiring anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions.

  • what information needed to get a mold quote

    Generally, need the detail of the product / part, such as detail photos and dimensions of the part. If you can provide the 2D/3D drawings of the part, it will be much appreciated and easy for mold quote.

  • Sidee loo hubiyaa birta dhabta ah ee la isticmaalo?

    Guud ahaan,the steel used by Chinese mold suppliers usually are purchased from LKM, LKM is the biggest mold base/mold steel supplier in Asia, steel and heat treatment certificates are available.

  • Yaa ka mas'uul ah tijaabada caagagga caaga ah?

    Qalabka ay fududahay in laga helo gudaha gudaha waa in lagu diyaariyaa alaab-qeybiyaha caaryada duritaanka, qaar ka mid ah xabagta gaarka ah ee aan laga iibsan karin Shiinaha waa in ay bixiyaan iibsadaha.

  • Maxaa la siinaya muunado?

    Si loo qiimeeyo xaaladda caaryada, oo ay weheliso muunado, albaabka/orodeeyaha, warbixinta cabbirka qaabaynta duritaanka, warbixinta cabbirka qaabaysan waa in la bixiyaa.

  • Yaa ka mas'uul ah kharashka muunada bixinta?

    Tusaalaha keenista guud ahaan waxa mas'uul ka ah soo saaraha caaryada duritaanka; kharashkani waxa uu kaxayn doonaa caaga-sameeyaha isku dayo in uu sameeyo mashruuca caaryada duritaanka guul sida ugu dhakhsaha badan ee suurtogalka ah.