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Nako: 2019-11-07 Hits: 129

Project name: Switch decoration cover mold, wall switch panel mold,wall socket cover mold


Recently, Mingyu Mould made a plastic injection mold for switch decoration cover for a local customer. Mingyu Mould is experienced on kinds of electronic parts mold,precision mold, such as wall socket mold,electronic wires distribut box mold,etc.


Basic part information:

·       Part name:switch decoration cover

·       Karolo ea boitsebiso:PS

·       Part size:86 * 96 * 9.8mm

·       Part color:white


Basic mold information:

·       Mold base steel: C50

·       Mold cavity & core steel:S136

·       Mold cavity number: 4 cavitie

·       Mold gate type: sub-gate runner


After receiving the samples from customer, Mingyu mold will check the detail product information with customer, such as plastic material, final surface requirement, required mold steel,etc.

We will also do the product analysis,mold flow analysis, and vertify the important information with customers,such as, parting line, de-molding angle,gate type,ejecting way,etc.


Below is the 3D drawing of the final approved product.

 Switch decoration cover


Mingyu mold did the mold design and send to customer for checking and confirming. the final 3D mold drawings is as below:

 Switch decoration cover mold-1 

Switch decoration cover mold-2